Бумажные издательства попросили помощи у полиции в борьбе с интернет-пиратами
А штраф – 2000 рублей. Вот и растет незаконный бизнес — книги, которые на легальном рынке стоят 500 рублей, продаются в несколько, а то и в ...

Negotiation Mastering Business In Asia
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Negotiation Mastering Business In Asia

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The book consolidates the practical tips and concepts that shaped the authors work with organizations and individuals around the world

It is written to allow people to benefit from what hitherto was only available to some of the wealthiest organizations

It reinvigorates the trainer’s approach to interactions with people on all spectrums within the negotiation.

The ideas presented in this book will help the reader better conduct dialogue with themselves and others leading to optimal outcomes for all

Written for the mass market, this book is a must-read for CEO’s and senior staff